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RoseFit in Kenya


RoseFit and other Fitness Trainers like Laban Motaroki owner of Total Body Wellness are coming together to raise money through a fitness event that will benefit Ndovu Football Club. 

Football in Voi, and in Kenya as a whole, is continuing to grow in popularity as a sport for all genders and ages and is one of the most family friendly sports in the country. 

Ndovu Football Club was established in 2015 with the aim of pro-viding a platform for young footballers from Taita Taveta County to showcase their talent and enable them to benefit from it. 

We are excited to support Ndovu Football Club help more young talented football player in Voi.

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7:00 AM07:00

MUWA 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run


MUWA Foundation is on a mission to end hopelessness by turning hope into reality for youth in Kenya. The 3nd Annual MUWA Foundation 5K and 1 Mile Fun Race will celebrate the journey of MUWA and help raise funds for additional programs to benefit more aspiring youth to fulfill their dreams

MUWA, which means ‘Seed of Hope’, was formed to provide the funding and mentorship that young people from poor families in Kenya need in order to successfully complete their high school and college education. The foundation lays special emphasis in supporting teenage mothers and boys from single-parent homes. Through MUWA’s programs, there is also a volunteer opportunity for individuals who are committed to making a difference to join together in pooling their resources, talents and skills. The programs MUWA offers develop students into community changers and great leaders.

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RoseFit Squad Party

RoseFit Squad Party-4.jpg

We are kicking off the NEW YEAR with a 🎉ROSEFIT SQUAD PARTY! 🎊Oh it gets even BETTER 💁🏾‍♀️because we have one of our Favorite BEST DJ! That's Right DJ SHINSKI!!!! 🎧
In the beginning of the year most of us make New Year Resolutions and getting Fit is always on the top of the list. Now we know that obtaining those fitness goals can be tough but we are here to Motivate you. All you have to do is SHOW UP. 

OK I know I said Party but before you get all dressed💃🏽UP and cute 🕺🏼😉 let me drop more details?🙅🏾‍♀️

✅GOOD Workout so come ready to sweat💦

✅GREAT Music by Dj Shinski

✅Launching a WORKOUT PLAYLIST for you that will help you all year as you workout!

✅Fitness Tips that will help you accomplish those Fitness Goals...yah we got you! 😉

🏆Over all we just want to Prepare You to Win in 2018 🏆

We have 50 SPOTS open so please get your ticket ASAP!

Only $15
For Early Bird Tickets:

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MUWA Foundation 5K and 1 Mile

MUWA Foundation is on a mission to end hopelessness by turning hope into reality for youth in Kenya. The 2nd Annual MUWA Foundation 5K and 1 Mile Fun Race is a family event to celebrate the journey of MUWA and help raise funds for additional programs to benefit more aspiring youth to fulfill their dreams.

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Thanksgiving Family Workout

Hey FitFam! Happy early Thanksgiving! Now before you feast why not get your family to do something active at your home! You guys can choose any thing active to do like running, jogging, sports(flag football, soccer, basket ball...etc) or even family workout! You will have all your family with you so why not do something fun and healthy together! Tag me! And put this hashtag #RoseFitFitFam I will be sharing them!

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RoseFit Scary Run

This will be a family event at Arbor Hills that will promote health in children and give back to a non-profit organization that helps many children. It will be on Halloween weekend so yes kids we are dressing up! Prepare your outfits and get ready to have some fun! 

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The Grand Finale for Jane Mwangi
7:30 AM07:30

The Grand Finale for Jane Mwangi

This event is a follow up of the April 30th event where more than 400 Kenyans in Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) turned up for a 5K run / walk to support Ms Mwangi who fell victim to a robber’s bullet in Nairobi, Kenya and who has defied many odds.

The April event raised $20,000. Her full medical bill is $70,000 leaving her with a shortfall of $50,000. In this regard, the committee wants to thank the Dallas Kenyan community and all other communities for their continuous support. The planning committee continues to work on the way forward to help meet her medical bill.

On the way forward, the committee says that they have been able to secure sponsorship from Choma Sundays. On Sunday May 29th, during the Memorial Day weekend festivities, Choma Sundays will donate a portion of their proceeds towards Jane Mwangi’s rehabilitation funds and there will be T-Shirts for sale at the location. The community is urged to visit Choma Sundays and support Jane Mwangi. They have also extended an invitation to the community to join hands and turn out in large numbers for the June 11 grand finale fundraising event. 

The theme will be:- 
“Dallas Cares and Our Community Counts - We Rise By Lifting Others”

The committee hopes to register 1000 people for the event. They have asked that people invite their friends, and that contributions and donations are welcome.

Registration will begin on Wednesday May 18th 2016. All proceeds for this event will go to support Jane Mwangi’s rehabilitation funds and T- shirts are available for sale online and at the park.

For those unable to attend the event, you can visit the gofundme page below.

For further details, you may contact:
Lucy McKenzie – 972-464-9283
Jane Nyaga – 469-406-4892
Caroline Mbithi Dey – 508- 468-5695
Rose Njeri – 469-951-8133
Eva Mwaura – 972-302-7253
Grace Kungu – 626-905-7502
Alex Karundu (KDAC – Chair)– 469-438-8388

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RoseFit Bootcamp
6:30 AM06:30

RoseFit Bootcamp

Hey FitFam, come experience a full body workout with me. This workout consist of more cardio. We start with a 2.5 mile Run or Walk then we proceed to 20 minute full body workout. The cost is only $5 per person and if you are my client then it will be free for you. 

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Walk for Jane Mwangi
8:30 AM08:30

Walk for Jane Mwangi

Hello loves, we saw Jane Mwangi on the news and here is a chance for us to step up and do something as a community. We are still learning on how we can go visit her and contact her. So lets get together on April 30th Donate and Walk Strong for her. She could be our sister, auntie, friend or even mother so lets support! Here is her story from Gofund page.

Hi, my name is Jane Mwangi from Kenya. On May 28, 2015 I was shot by thugs as I came home from a church service. The bullet went through my chest and fractured my spinal cord leaving me with paraplegia from the chest downwards. I am now at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas for intensive therapy and am appealing for your help to see me through this process. We rise by lifting others and I have come this far by the grace of God which has enabled me to triumph over this adversity. I need your help for my inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, daily medical supplies, equipment to help make me independent with my daily self care and community access. My goal is to get back to work someday and campaign for people with disabilities in my home country. I believe God is the author and source of possibilities. Through your help I can be as independent as possible. God bless you as you reach out.

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Super Hero 5K
7:00 AM07:00

Super Hero 5K

Hey FitFam I am hosting a 5k for my job United Through Hope a nonprofit organization where we work with the most amazing kids and adults helping them gain Social Skills and Leadership Skill. It will be a 5k but I plan on making it fun and I want to give you guys a great workout! Sign up below so that I will have your Medal ready when you finish! 

The cost is $25.00. This price includes the League of Friends 5K medal and shipping costs. Part of this money is used to cover the cost of manufactoring of the medal and postage. Everything else is donated to United Through H.O.P.E.

Purchase your ticket here

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