Advance Level 1

Advance Level 1


This is a digital Advance 21 Days Challenge workout plan that you can do at the gym or at home. This challenge will target your whole body and will definitely help you develop the body you desire. This digital challenge will be available to download after you purchase! 

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Customer Reviews

"This challenge has definitely changed my life. I've tried before to workout but I never was consistent. Rose has honestly been a HUGE inspiration and awesome trainer she's always a text away answering my question regarding if I'm doing things correctly. I'm not only feeling physically strong but mentally too! I'm loving every small change I've seen this past 2 months it only motivates me to work harder!!! The beginning of something new "🤗🤗

-Sheila Perez 


"With Rose Fit I don’t need to have a gym membership. Good for me since I travel frequently making a membership hardly worth-while. Rose Fit is a work out that I can accomplish without big, heavy gym equipment and still gain results. This is super awesome for me because big gyms make me self-conscious. During the 21 days challenge I saw a difference in my body starting into the second week. Not only does Rose provide a workout plan but she also provides support. I have purchased work out books and DVDs before but never stuck to them. The difference between those and Rose Fit is simple. With Rose Fit I have a cheerleader. Rose checks up on her squad. Unfortunately, during my first encounter with the Rose Fit challenge I was faced with obstacles. These obstacles prevented me from doing my best and proved a rough time for me, I felt like not only did I let myself down but I had let Rose down. You don’t get that feeling from a book or a DVD. DVDs and books don’t encourage you to keep going and do the best you can, like Rose does. Rose offers the personal touch that other workout programs do not. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about others, especially when it comes to their health and fitness. I highly recommend Rose Fit. Especially to those who don’t want a complicated, expensive regime and like to stay out of the gym."