“During the time I met with Rose, I lost 40 pounds. I’ve gone down two shirts sizes, and three pant sizes (my 12-years old and I constantly confuse each other’s wardrobe).”
— Billy Cuchens

Happy Clients


I trained with Rose for a year and a half. When I started, I hadn’t worked out in over ten years. She was always fun, patient, and knowledgeable. As I progressed, she challenged me all the more – always celebrating a new accomplishment, but ready to push me to the next goal. Once I became more capable, she encouraged me to take ownership of my progress and set my own goals. She was an incredible resource, both with fitness and nutrition. She always made herself available outside of our scheduled sessions, and planned lots of extra activities where I could meet other clients and we could encourage each other: boot camps, football games, 5k’s. 


During the time I met with Rose, I lost 40 pounds. I've gone down two shirt sizes, and three pant sizes (my 12-year old and I constantly confuse each other's wardrobe). Plus I've run several 5k's and a half marathon. At a recent dentist appointment, the hygienist took my blood pressure, noted the difference from six months prior, and asked if I was a runner. My kids draw pictures of me now with dumbbells and apples. 


Life’s circumstances changed, and I haven’t worked out with Rose for several months. However, I've sustained all the progress and momentum. I still utilize everything I learned from her during that year and a half. She checks in on me regularly, and sends me new workouts. I can't recommend her highly enough. 


Rosefit has changed my life. Before I started my Rosefit journey in 2016 I had spent a lot of money on a lot of products that I thought would miraculously make me loose weight. Then I discovered this selfless lady that dedicated her time and invested all her fitness knowledge on me. Rose lives in Dallas and I live in Oklahoma but the distance has never been an issue. Even before she started her online challenges she still trained me online at no cost. She would respond to all my question and advice me on what I needed to do to attain my goals. I left Kenya as a size reason zero and 6years later I almost went back as a size 14 but Rose helped me go back as a size 8. And I was a beautiful traditional bride in my dress. Then I came back got so busy with moving and having family from Kenya and dint take time for myself. 2017 Rosefit 21 days challenges started and I dint start until the March challenge because I was busy with my mom being in town. Before I joined the challenges I went for my wedding dress shopping and said YEs to a dress that I insisted to order 4 sizes smaller than I was. And guess what I picked my dress a couple of day ago and it fit me perfectly. "In more than 10years of working at a bridal store I have never seen a bride order a dress 4 sizes smaller and it fit her on the first fitting" that is what the consult had to say at the store. I make the decision because I was confident that with Rosefit that would happen. And guess what the dress got here 5month earlier than expected and it fit. Rose is not just my personal trainer but she is my life couch. The positivity she shares through the day has helped me make decisions that have changed my life tremendously.


With Rose Fit I don’t need to have a gym membership. Good for me since I travel frequently making a membership hardly worth-while. Rose Fit is a work out that I can accomplish without big, heavy gym equipment and still gain results. This is super awesome for me because big gyms make me self-conscious. During the 21 days challenge I saw a difference in my body starting into the second week. Not only does Rose provide a workout plan but she also provides support. I have purchased work out books and DVDs before but never stuck to them. The difference between those and Rose Fit is simple. With Rose Fit I have a cheerleader. Rose checks up on her squad. Unfortunately, during my first encounter with the Rose Fit challenge I was faced with obstacles. These obstacles prevented me from doing my best and proved a rough time for me, I felt like not only did I let myself down but I had let Rose down. You don’t get that feeling from a book or a DVD. DVDs and books don’t encourage you to keep going and do the best you can, like Rose does. Rose offers the personal touch that other workout programs do not. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about others, especially when it comes to their health and fitness. I highly recommend Rose Fit. Especially to those who don’t want a complicated, expensive regime and like to stay out of the gym.